It appears that we are well into 2011 and TruKid is off to a flying start. With the weather so beautiful lately in Oakland, CA; one can only imagine that it is nearly Spring! That means Summer is not far behind. TruKid has grand plans this year. New products, charitable plans, community outreach. It is going to be a fantastic year! I hope you all come along for the ride. We are ready to launch our New TruKid Sunny Days SPORT SPF30+ Water Resistant and Unscented Sunscreen Lotion in 2 sizes. For more Water Safe Fun in the Sun! You asked for it, you got it, an unscented sunscreen lotion that is naturally water resistant. I can’t wait to have it in stock. Available in mid April. And our New Sunny Days SPORT Stick SPF30+ Unscented Face & Body Stick. Using new sunscreen technology, we have a product that goes on super smooth and is super duper protective. I can’t wait to share it. We are adding an incredible TruKid Buddy Body Butter & Face Stick that is like an On-the-Go lotion stick. No-Mess, No Fuss! It works wonders for dry face and hands and the rest of your face and body. It’s also fantastic for windy and cold weather protection. My kids and I have been using it every night and we used up our set of samples! Perfect for taking care of that pesky itchy winter skin. Everyone has been asking when we will be back in stock for our Hero Stick. Look for our new and improved Super Hero Stick! Our Mom’s Kiss in a Stick! The easy on-the-go soothing balm that works to sooth, scratches, bumped knees, rashes, bug bites and that annoying eczema that our kids seem to get. It is better than ever! Ready in April. And let’s not forget our NEW Rock’in Sport Stick. This miracle stick works amazingly on sore, tired, strained muscles. Using mother nature’s best ingredients it helps to soothe and relax muscles and joints with a simultaneous cool/warm feeling. How many times do your kids wake up in the middle of the night with mysterious leg pains, or did they play extra hard today? This stick will help them feel better and get back to sleep. Here’s my secret; I have been using it and it is truly amazing. Getting old and keeping up with my kids is not such an easy thing, The Rock’in Sport Stick at least takes my joint pain away! We will be opening up our local office this year for retail sales to our local customers. Look for our “Open for Sale” on our website for days to save on shipping if you just come on by. That’s my update. I am grateful for every single TruKid customer. Thank you for helping us to grow! Happy 2011 Jennifer. Founder and mom of 6 (ages 3-17)