Little Visitor comes to TruKid
We are so lucky here at TruKid. A few weeks ago (when it was nice and sunny out), we had a visitor. A few visitors in fact.  One of our dedicated TruKid customers came to visit us at our offices. It was a really cool dad, named Eric, who carried sweet Esme (shown here below) and her little sister Arrow, via backpack. ).
To get to our offices they took the bus, and walked a bit along the way. It was such a wonderful surprise. Since we are now mostly sold online, Eric could not find us at a local store so decided to make the trek to see us in person and get their TruKid fix.
Little Esme applying her TruKid Stick
I was so taken with Esme, she loves trains, and airplanes and buses. And . . she loves to apply her TruKid Face & Body Stick and made a big effort to get some on her dad and baby sister (many times).  So if you happen to be in the area, stop by. We will also probably open a little store (at our offices near Jack London Square) in the summer time so TruKid can be available on the spot. Stay tuned. Here Comes the Sun!  and Sunscreen. This past weekend was so fantastic! The sun was out, warm and cozy on our faces. Whenever the sun really comes out for the fist time, I always find it hard to get back into the sunscreen swing again. I always put it on in the morning when I am at the office, but now I have to get back into the habit of reapplying all during the day.  A reminder, my friend kept saying, wow where did you get that tan? Um, watching my kids play Rugby and Softball out in the sun. I am so embarrassed! Now I have to get my kids in the same habit. I have made sure they all have TruKid SPF 30+ Face & Body Sticks and a 2.0 oz Sunny Days SPF30+ lotion in their backpacks. Each with their names on them. They have the task of reapplying before recess and lunch at school. But starting off in the car on the way to school, it is a sunscreen applying fiesta. The Face & Body Stick is great for on the go application (no accidental messes). At our house it is a considerable offense to come home burned from any event. (though, it happens from time to time). I try not to go ballistic knowing that childhood sunburns may result in skin cancer later in life. There is also concern over general tanning (the telltale little brown arms and legs resulting from not enough sunscreen during the day).  My little guy, Rowan, has an official farmers tan, and I am horrified I did not catch (it’s sunny out) soon enough. Thank goodness he is not squirmy for sunscreen application so now he gets his turn at the sunscreen dance too.. Time to get a big supply of it to the school and some instructions for the teachers too. It’s not too late to get your kids and yourself into a habit of daily application and reapplication of sunscreen. If it helps, tie the “habit forming” task of putting on sunscreen to a fun thing. Like, earning a gold star every day to earn a frozen fruit popsicle. It is never to late to learn a new healthy habit. Check out our easy Earn-A-Star Checks lists and how to put on Sunscreen on our website. Meanwhile have a great week! Jennifer Founder and mom of 6