One evening after dinner, my kids and I were sitting around simply talking about everything.  As it happens in my house, the kids vie for attention and it can get kind of loud at times.

During one of these moments, one of my oldest kids tells me she accidentally dropped the baby one time.  You know the sound of everything screeching to a halt?!!!!  Well, that happened!  I swivel my head like in the Exorcist, to the kid that uttered those words. WHAT?   “You mean when Rowan was an infant – not just a baby?”,“Yea,” she says, “when he was just new. “ UG!  What happened?  “Well, I thought (says the then, 10 year old) it would be fun to throw him up in the air, but when he came back down he slipped through my hands and fell on the carpet.  I think he might have fallen on his face.”    Oh, my God!  . . . . . . “She says he cried and then picked him up.“   At this point I am stunned, he seems ok now, but gee what a bummer for him! I tried to take it in stride, as I know now after that, there was more to hear from the others, since this one threw that bomb out. So on it goes, more confessions of little things and some really confusing things they had done, some things that make no sense, but most of what they had done was not too bad and at the other house. The house we had moved from 6 months ago. For some reason there is a distinction, perhaps that in their minds because we no longer live there, the things they did should not count. I think? Maybe  . . not sure anyway. Some of the things were really funny and they confessed, “to that time they hid the laundry basket full of miss-matched socks under the sink in the bathroom, because they did not want to match them”.  I did not find it for at least a month.  Lots of stories about laundry baskets, gone missing! To hear them tell their stories of why they did things when they were angry with me, or when they just felt lazy or just whatever. It was all so awesome! To let them get it all out, with out any consequence. They all felt a collective -Ahhhhh! What they don’t know, is that I knew most of it anyway (except the dropping of my baby) Gee.  . . poor little guy!  But, I had already been prepped for this experience, by my now college kid, when she was in her first year of college and confessed her high-school antics. Most of it was forgivable!!I already knew not to overreact too much and just let them talk. Funny, that I also told them my little confessions – why not?  It seemed like the right moment to tell them I was from another planet.  Although, they believed that one, because they know I can see with the eyes in the back of my head!  HA!