Why are you still using non-organic sun care products on your little one? Are sprays easier to apply to a wiggling toddler? Do they smell good? Do you think they last longer? All are, seemingly, valid reasons. But we are here to debunk those misconceptions! TruKid has created a whole skincare line that includes sunscreens. All TruKid products are natural, organic, and safe to use on every skin type. Want some tips to make our products your family’s new go to? I am here to do just that!

The best way to apply sunscreen to your child’s face is to use a stiff make up brush! Yep, you read that right. Put the sunscreen on a make up brush and apply it to the face (or anywhere else you wish). Your Little One will laugh and enjoy the whole experience. You will rest easy knowing you are protecting them from sun burns! Since our products are organic and safe, you can even put some on your child’s hands and allow them to help you apply it.

Our skincare products are fragrance and dye free. Meaning, there are no toxic chemicals for your child in be exposed to.

Each of the TruKid sunscreens are specific for outdoor activities allowing them to last on the skin for lengthy periods of time. Any waterproof product will last 80 minutes and is easy to reapply.

The best part of TruKid Sun Care collection, they are dermatologist and pediatrician recommended. Meaning, we will not have recalls based on toxins your little one (or you) could inhale.


So, what are you still waiting for? Make the switch to TruKid Sun Care while you are looking to restock your child’s outdoor bag! We promise you peace of mind and a money back guarantee.