Most Americans are aware of the dangers of ultraviolet (UV) radiation during summer. Yet we often forget that winter activities such as snow skiing or snowboarding also pose a high risk of sunburn. UV is more intense in alpine regions because the atmosphere is thinner due to altitude, letting more UV reach the earth’s surface. Snow is very efficient at reflecting UV radiation, which puts exposed areas such as the face at increased risk of sunburn. Don’t be fooled by cold and cloudy days – you can still get sunburnt in the snow. Always cover up with clothing, eye protection and sunscreen. Protective clothing and hats Suggestions include:
  • A balaclava or beanie that covers your ears, will keep your head warm and reduce the risk of sun exposure.
  • Scarves and jackets with high collars do a great job at keeping you warm and dry but also protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.
Apply sunscreen Suggestions include: All exposed areas of skin should be covered in water resistant, broad spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen. Sunscreens can block out 80% of harmful rays Apply sunscreen about 20 minutes before venturing outside to allow absorption time. Put some sunscreen in your jacket pocket and reapply every two hours.

Eye Protection

Always wear wraparound sunglasses or goggles. Aim for a snug fit, so that UV can’t get through the top or sides of your eye wear. Choose eye wear that  will block 95 per cent of UV radiation. Sunglasses and goggles can be fitted with prescription lenses. See your optometrist for more information. For one week only Trukid is offering 25% off all Sunny Days SPORT water resistant/unscented SPF 30+ sunscreens, both our 2oz size and 3.5oz size. Also our Sunny Days water resistant Face and Body stick! Now is the time to stock up for the whole family for your winter fun trips. Remember, the 2oz also comes in a 3 pack, the 3.5oz also comes in a 2 pack and the face & body stick comes in a 3 or 5 pack. All this saves you even more money!!! To get this fabulous offer just use the coupon code: winter25 at checkout. Visit us at Stay warm, stay dry and stay safe. The TruKid Team