Smiling and Singing with TruKid!

From morning to night there are countless seemingly mundane tasks we do every day, but don’t enjoy to their fullest potential! At TruKid, we believe that there is no reason you can’t have fun while you take a bath or wash your feet, so we wrote several songs to spice up regular activities and give your day some extra excitement! (Click the images to enlarge lyrics) Smelly Feetfeet Yup, it happens to everybody. Feet get stinky and need to be washed regularly! Of course, this may not seem like the most fun to your little ones. Why not incorporate singing a TruKid original song to make feet washing a blast instead of a boring task! Sing these cute lyrics to the tune of “Frere Jaques.” Click the image to visit the TruKid page with a recording of the song for reference. To make the foot washing experience even more enjoyable, try TruKid’s truly natural Bubbly Body Wash, perfect to gently cleanse those feet and leave them smelling sweet!       faceMy Face is Dirty Playing outside all day means getting dirty, making it incredibly important for children to wash their faces daily! Knowing this, TruKid has brought back our Friendly Face Wash due to popular demand. Gentle enough for everyday use and made from truly natural ingredients, this product is awesome all on its own. But to make the face-washing experience even more fun, try adding TruKid’s “My Face is Dirty” original song to your daily wash! Sing to the tune of “Frere Jaques,” or click on the image to visit the TruKid page with a recording of the song you can sing along to!       bath-time Bath Time Bath time just got a whole lot more fun with TruKid’s new Watermelon Scented Bubble Podz! Not only do they turn a regular tub into a bubble bath, the formula also serves as body wash! Packaged only with materials that are either compostable or dissolvable, Bubble Podz add fun to your bath without harming the environment. If there’s anything that could add even more fun to a bath, it’s a TruKid song. Sing this fun song to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” as you scrub yourself clean! Click on the image to sing along with TruKid’s recording of the song.       hero   Hero Song From scrapes to scratches, bee stings to mosquito bites, getting hurt is no fun. To help dry those tears and ease the pain, sing TruKid’s “Hero Song” to your little ones as you care for the latest boo-boo with TruKid First Aid Hero Stick. Sung to any tune you want or recited as a poem, “Hero Song” will bring up some bubbly laughter as the Hero Stick eases itchiness and irritation. These songs are just a start. Click on any image to visit the TruKid’s original song page and get fun songs for any activity! Have fun singing!    

Songs will be available on iTunes soon -- stay tuned!