We are really into momblogs these days and love to send out products for honest reviews!  Here is a recent post that I wanted to share. You all probably know that we cut down on the coupon codes, down to basically none. But Eileen from Megs Makeup convinced me to offer one to their readership. So I thought it was only fair to share the coupon with everyone as well. valid until: Feb 14: megs20  for 20% off orders of $30 or more. Happy Shopping! TRUKID! PRODUCT ROUND UP! Thu, 01/27/2011 - 9:51pm Baby Love Body Baby Love here! There are so many things that I love about this next line of products from TruKid! It might be my new absolute favorite children’s line. TruKid is awesome, affordable, 100% safe, and did I mention awesome? Jennifer Bunker Adams, a working mother of 6……wait, did I just type “a working mother of 6?” Let me double check this. Oh thank god, she was actually a working mother of 5 with another one on the way. I feel so much better about myself now. Looking for ways to protect her own children’s skin, TruKid was born out of necessity and out of a need to fill a major market gap in non-toxic products suitable for young kids and their delicate skin. As a result, all of TruKid’s products are BPA, phthalate, SLS, paraben, 1-4 Dioxane (a group 2B carcinogen), and Gluten free. 100% natural and certified organic, the Environmental Working Group recently gave TruKid’s entire line a safety rating of 0-3. We were so luck to receive a full round up of Jennifer’s most popular items. Our reviewers got a chance to use TruKid’s Silly Shampoo, Cool Condition, Bubbly Body Wash, Friendly Face Wash, Dancing Detangler (running out of breath), and Sunny Days SPF 30 sunscreen. Even the packaging of this line is amazing. Each bottle has a unique learning system, coding each bottle with a picture of the part of the body the product is intended for! William absolutely loved this. He could flex his “big brother muscles,” and instruct Calum on exactly how to use each different item. For the first time ever, I could actually leave my products lying around since the boys had absolutely no interest in using them. So aside from the packaging being superbly genius, these products worked beautifully. William, aka walking rash, had no reaction from this line. The shampoo and the conditioner left the boy’s hair soft and shiny, and even in the dead of this awful New England weather, the body and face wash did a great job at keeping their skin moisturized. I always love the look of really shiny, clean little kid hair. It’s got that shimmer that you just can’t get back! We were on vacation in Mexico last week, I had a great opportunity to use the Sunny Days SPF 30 sunscreen stick. It was perfect for the nose, lips, ears. I will definitely be carrying this with me on future vacations, and onto the sports field this Summer. I love that it can easily be slipped into your pocket or pocketbook! It lasted hours in the water, and I loved that I could clearly see where I had used the stick. I don’t have girls to use the detangler on, but I did put it in my hair after I got out of the pool and ocean while on vacation. I used it as sort of a leave in conditioner, and it worked wonders. My hair was soft and manageable even after hours in the sun and salt water. I have to confess that I used the entire bottle. What I loved most about TruKid, and what really surprised me the most, was the line’s scent. As we’ve seen with so many organic lines, the products have a history of smelling pretty average. TruKid’s line, however, smells like a mix of grapefruit and orange, and maybe even a hint of lavender. It leaves an all over smell that keeps both boys smelling great, even when they’re really not and in a serious need for a shower. For all you mom’s with children with really, really sensitive kids, TruKid has a newly released super sensitive line that is definitely worth taking a look at. www.trukid.com, has all the information and products any mom who is serious about protecting her kid’s skin will be interested in. As a special for megsmakeup.com subscribers, Jennifer is offering 20% all orders of $30 with code megs20 (good until February 14). I love the 3 pack supplies, and have my eye on the super sensitive body lotion! Take advantage of the savings and let us know what your go-to kid products are! http://megsmakeup.com/2011/01/27/trukid-product-round Warm Regards, Jennifer, founder/ceo and mom of 6