The next craft in our Mom and Me series is here! All these fun ways to re-purpose TruKid bottles teach your children the importance of reducing waste. Further, this activity cultivates an appreciation for crafting and nature. Young gardeners will love this craft! After completing this personalized vase, you can put a few pretty flowers in to spruce girl with fairy wings picking wildflowers - smallup any room. What You Will Need: - Empty TruKid or TruBaby bottle - Paints - Paintbrush - Flowers! How To: 1) Start by removing the cap and pump from your bottle and rinsing the container out. 2) Pull out your favorite paints and add designs to the sides of your bottle. Perhaps some flowers or butterflies? 3) When you are done decorating, all you have to do is add water, clip a few flowers from your garden (with parent’s permission!), and place them in your beautiful vase!