Meet Our Summer Interns!

Each summer TruKid hires a pack of interns to manage the company’s social media outlets, do marketing research, reach out to our customers through our blog posts, and lovingly package your TruKid orders. This internship gives us invaluable real world job experience while exposing us to the ins and outs of how a business works. We learn about effective advertising, the very real importance of communication, and how to successfully set and achieve goals and be a useful part of a complex organization. Our young minds and fresh ideas are valued here, and TruKid has presented us with an immeasurable opportunity to enter into the working world.   IMG_2618 Profiles:  (left to right)   Haley Senior at Bishop O’Dowd High School Aspiring to study physical or occupational therapy in college Hobbies include rowing, raising pigs for 4H, and taking bubble baths with TruKid’s new Bubble Podz!   Caitlin Senior at Bishop O’Dowd High School Aspiring to study nursing in college Hobbies include spending time with children, hanging out with friends, being a water polo and rugby enthusiast, and beating the summer sun with TruKid’s Sunny Days Daily Sunscreen!   Sam Junior at Bishop O’Dowd High School Aspiring to study political science or journalism in college Hobbies include playing lacrosse, listening to music, eating good food, and fighting itchy bug bites with the TruKid Hero Stick!