by Gretchen Shaw

Each summer TruKid hires a pack of interns to manage the company’s social media outlets, do marketing research, reach out to our customers through our blog posts, and lovingly package your TruKid orders. This internship gives us invaluable real world job experience while exposing us to the ins and outs of how a business works. We learn about effective advertising, the very real importance of communication, and how to successfully set and achieve goals and be a useful part of a complex organization. Our young minds and fresh ideas are valued here, and TruKid has presented us with an immeasurable opportunity to enter into the working world.




Sophomore at the University of Oregon Majoring in Environmental Science and Journalism Hobbies include playing rugby, camping, and soothing her muscles with TruKid’s On-The-Go Sport Stick!



Sophomore at Gonzaga University Majoring in being extremely Undeclared Hobbies include being on Gonzaga’s intramural flag football champion team, rooting for the Boston Red Sox, and wearing TruKid’s Daily Sunscreen even in Spokane’s snow!


Olivia Freshman at Stanford University Undeclared, Life Sciences Hobbies include playing rugby, baking and eating food, and always reapplying TruKid’s Sport Sunscreen!


Kyle Freshman at Cal Poly, San Louis Obispo Majoring in Business Hobbies include playing volleyball, painting, drumming, and moisturizing with TruKid’s Super Eczema Cream!


Anna Senior at Bishop O’Dowd High School Aspiring to study business in college Hobbies include playing tennis, swimming, and getting chlorine out of her luscious locks with TruKid’s Silly Shampoo!


Haley Junior at Bishop O’Dowd High School Aspiring to study physical or occupational therapy in college Hobbies include playing rugby, raising pigs for 4H, and taking bubble baths with TruKid’s new Bubble Podz!

Mikayla Junior at Liberty High School Aspiring to study business in college Hobbies include Drama and taking care of her hair with TruKid’s Cool Conditioner!