Let’s Get Crafty! by Gretchen Shaw

Now and again everyone craves the creative fun of crafting.  Whether you’re a mommy, a daddy or a nanny, you and your kids can get bored of the same ol’ activities, and fancy DIY projects on Pinterest can require too many materials that you don’t have.  That’s why the TruKid team has put together some easy arts and crafts made from empty TruKid products for your entertainment!  Now let’s get crafty! For each of these crafts products you’ll need to wash out your empty TruKid bottles. Kids, you’ll also need help from an adult! SPACESHIP You will need: - 1 Dancing Detangler bottle - 2 Silly Shampoo bottles (or Cool Conditioner or Bubbly Body Wash, whatever you have!) - 3 water bottle caps - Scissors and glue Directions: 1. Cut the top off one of the Silly Shampoo bottles at the middle of the curve 2. Glue the three bottle caps to the bottom of the Silly Shampoo bottle to make the jets 3. While those are drying, cut out two triangles from the other Silly Shampoo bottle 4. Glue one triangle on each side of the Silly Shampoo bottle to make the wings 5. Glue the Dancing Detangler bottle (with the spritzer still attached) into the Silly Shampoo bottle to finish up the body of the space ship 6. Decorate as you please!     SKATEBOARD You will need: - 1 Cool Conditioner Bottle (or Silly Shampoo, etc.) - 2 Sport, Hero, or Face Sticks (4 water bottle caps will work as well) - Scissors and glue Directions 1. Cut off the top and bottom of the Cool Conditioner bottle 2. Make a cut in the cylinder so it can be unrolled and laid flat 3. Glue the 2 Sport Sticks on the bottom for wheels 4. Decorate!     GARDEN IN A CUP You will need: - 1 empty TruKid bottle (pick your favorite color!) - pipe cleaners, ribbon, buttons – whatever you can find – for decoration - soil and seeds - Scissors and glue Directions: 1. Cut the top off your TruKid Bottle 2. Decorate it 3. Put in the soil and seeds 4. Water it and watch your garden grow!     BOAT You will need: - 1 empty TruKid Bottle - the pump from that bottle -1 piece of construction paper - Thread - A hole puncher - Scissors and glue Directions: 1. Cut out a triangle from the construction paper for the sail 2. Tie the sail to the mast (the pump) using the hole puncher and thread, and set aside 3. Cut the bottle in half (vertically) 4. Glue the bottoms of the two halves together, with the bottom of the pump in between, to make the boat itself and connect it to the mast 5. Let it dry and decorate! TREE ORNAMENT You will need: - 10 TruKid bottles of any kind - 8 inches of ribbon - Scissors and glue Directions 1. Cut the bottom off of each bottle 2. Use the bottoms to cut out some small, some medium and some big circles 3. Use the scissors and an adult’s help to punch a small hole in the middle of each circle 4. Tie a knot at one end of the ribbon 5. String the circles onto the ribbon with the biggest first, getting smaller and smaller until the smallest is last 6. Cut out a little star from one of the extra bottles 7. Glue the star to the ribbon above the tree 8. Tie a loop in the top of the ribbon and voilà!   CASTLE You will need: - 5 TruKid bottles and 3 of their pumps (Silly Shampoo, Cool Conditioner or Bubbly Body Wash) - 2 Dancing Detangler bottles -Scissors and glue Directions: 1. Cut out windows in each bottle 2. Cut the tops off two of them and flip them over 3. Glue one other bottle on top of each of these and put the pumps in the tops (you should have two towers now) 4. Glue the two Dancing Detangler bottles together side by side 5. Glue the one remaining bottle, with a pump in it, to the top of the two Dancing Detanglers 6. Now glue the 3 towers together and decorate!