Ok, we launched TruKid in September, 2007 and it has been a wild ride since then. I have been procrastinating (like you have no idea) on writing a blog. I have a zillion reasons why I could not get to it. But, really I am just a little lazy. Today I got inspired! A blog mentioned our TruKid Sunscreen and said it was not as safe as another sunscreens. Funny, it took a misconception to get me off my butt because TruKid is rated as one of the safest suncreens available. There are so many ways to misinterpret ratings and sunscreen safety. We created a Suncreen Facts: Myths vs. Truth on our website to help clear up some of the confusion. It is worth reading. For example, until I started this company I really thought that an SPF 60 was double protection of that of an SPF 30. While in reality the SPF 45-60 only offers roughly a 1.6% more protection than an SPF30. An SPF30 offers 97% protection. My challenge is to educate how important applying sunscreen is everyday. Starting with my 6 kids. I mean if I can’t get my kids to do it, how can I encourage others to take it seriously. I make my kids take TruKid SPF30 Face stick to school and apply it on the way to school or try to remember to put it on before recess. I just try and think, OK, baby steps and not freak out when they say, “Oh, I forgot, Again!” If I can just continue to teach them the habit of putting sunscreen on everyday as part of their daily routine of getting ready in the morning, then I feel that I have accomplished a little something. I just feel like I ranted. Well, maybe I did, but it is so hard with the Internet to search out the truth vs. misconceptions. Side Note: I am a serial entrepreneur and I am fascinated by other women in history that invented incredible things. Like Josepine Garis Cochrane, who invented the Dishwasher in 1883. (God Bless her for that invention!!!!!) Jennifer Adams Bunkers