This is the follow up blog detailing the experience and expense (and my time) with the kids making their own gifts for each other this year. Even as I wrote the initial blog and what each kid was going to make, I thought it sounded reasonable, even easy. Hum? I was not that far off, it was not too bad for me or them. I will go as far to say it was even fun! Here’s how it went. Taylor- age 16; ran out of time and actually did one better than the blankets. She re-gifted items that she knew some of her sibs wanted. A quick trip to the ever- popular Dollar Store secured the remaining gifts. My time: only needed for the drive to the store (which I was going anyway). Haley - age 11: Sugar Body Scrubs: Total Cost: $60. (12 tubs of scrub) This was a huge hit. I love them. She gave them out to not only her brothers and sisters but to her friends, and grandmother and aunts. So far everyone really loves them. The kids use them every shower. My time: 2 hours. And it was super easy to do. Tip: we used a gallon zip lock bag to mix the sugar, scented oil and apricot oil. For the kids we used plastic tubs, for gifts outside the family we used wide mouth glass jam jars. Freddy- age 9: Carry All Tote Bags: Total Cost $30 for fabric and mesh handles. (5 carry all totes). My time: 2 hours. I was not sure what the response would be on this one. Even though we had to essentially make the totes in full view of everyone, (because our house is small) the kids still did not know what we were making. When the kids unwrapped their totes, everyone one was super excited. The kids used them over the holidays. I even spied Taylor using hers the other day. Freddy, with my help, pinned, and sewed the straight edges. I needed to sew on the handles. But he cut all the strings. I wish we had made more. They are cute and perfect to stay in the car for grocery shopping. Georgia – age 7. Original Paintings: Total Cost: $65. (12 - 5 x 7 paintings). What was cute about this project, was she really thought about each painting. When each kid opened their painting, she told them a story about each piece. We still need to write each paintings story on the back. My time: 1 hour. Piper – age 5. This is the stubborn kid. I had to give up on this one. I think I just ran out of gas trying to get her to do something. Maybe next year. My mom managed to get her to do a hand print painting for the family. Which is fabulous! How is it she can get her to do something? This may remain a mystery. Rowan – age 2. Well, what can I say, he and I did nothing and (well, we took a nap instead) Which, I think, was a fantastic idea! All in all, the kids loved what they made and were excited to give them out. I absolutely will do this again next year. Perhaps, start a bit sooner. But, hey, who am I kidding? We will do it last minute anyway. Happy New Year! Jennifer and mom of 6.