Summer is officially over and the school year brings an entirely new set of challenges for kids and parents. While your kids are learning about writing, science and math in school, why not teach them other important skills and habits at home?

Kids can gain independence in their organization and personal care by establishing simple routines. Here are a few tips for guiding your children to form healthy, helpful and independence-building habits:

  • Send your children to school and after school activities with sunscreen (TruKid Facesticks are especially convenient!) Though recess is only for a short time, children can get sunburnt being outside in this hot September weather. Remind them to lather up before recess and soccer practice!
  • Remind your children to wash their hands before and after each meal and regularly throughout the day. Children’s immune systems are much less developed than those of adults, so they’re more susceptible to germs. Washing up regularly can help prevent colds and other illnesses.
  • Give your kids a very simple list of chores and reward them for completing tasks.
  • Encourage them to gather everything they need for school and their activities the night before (make lunch, pack backpack, lay out clothes, etc.).
  • Convening as a family every morning to go over the day’s activities and appointments can make your days less stressful.
Not only can these simple tips teach children to take care of their bodies, but can also help them develop a sense of independence and proactivity at home and in school while taking some stress off of you parents!

Stay tuned for more TruKid tips for building healthy habits to last a lifetime!