Who are we?

Sometimes, I feel that I don’t communicate what we really do . . well.   So Here GOES! We are a small, growing company based in Oakland, CA. Our products are made locally too. All of them are proudly made and tested in the USA! We create natural skincare products from a kids’ perspective. Our Champion Tester Moms help us get our products right!!  Without feedback from them and their kids, a product never sees the light of day.   Our singular goal is to make lives easier for parents and active families! Panama_small TruKid serves the changing needs of kids’ skin – while they play and while they rest. Protecting them in the sun, when they are active and gently nurturing them at the end of the day. We really thrive on making products that inspire kids to be independent, and to learn to care for each other and themselves. Because . . well …. they are our future!   We are a company run by women and young women too. We love our young interns; our summers would not be the same without our incredible teen summer gals. our summers would not be the same without our incredible teen summer gals. They make all kinds of cool stuff happen at TruKid, like our awesome new videos!!!   We work enthusiastically, we work efficiently, and we are proud to make great healthy products.  We work hard, then play harder — especially with our kids!  Mistakes and missteps may happen, but we try learn from it all: the good, the bad, the funny and the heartfelt. Most importantly, we are lucky to have such wonderful customers that keep us moving forward. We thank you for that. And that is what TruKid is! Happy New Year, Friend! And feel free to drop me a line / comment below!