1. Dye Eggs! As an Easter tradition for many families, egg decorating offers creative fun for the whole family! The key is to start with planning an approach: will you blow out the egg or hard boil it? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to decorate eggs mess free. And for the those that want to be truly green, create your own all natural dyes at home with  fruits and vegetables. Think outside the box and create egg animals like an Egg Bunny or Egg Chick. 2. Make pom-pom chicks!5 Things To Do Easter 2013 Picture1 As cute as they are easy to make, pom pom chicks are a completely safe and gratifying project for the kiddies that will leave them with a new toy! 3. Easter Bling2 Create wearable surprises with Easter Egg rings! Affordable and undoubtedly fun, kids will enjoy being able to store things in their crafty egg ring, as well as show off their fancy new piece of jewelry. 4. Easter Egg Hunt Transform the customary egg hunts by changing up the elements. Glow-in-the-dark egg hunt at dusk? Just fill eggs with glow sticks and candy, or use glow-in-the-dark paint. Teams? Assign colors to partners and have a grand prize for the winner. Turn the tables? Let the kids hide the eggs this year and the child with the hardest egg to find will receive a prize! 5. Make some Easter Treats!3 Fuel little bodies after a day of crafting with homemade Easter goodness in the kitchen. After that egg hunt, gather up the eggs to make these adorable Easter Egg Popsicles! Or for some fudgy decadence, bake up some colorful Spring Celebration Brownies.  Don’t have a sweet tooth? Create a fun Flower Pot Hummus Dip!