Being that I am a mom of 6, I need to devise ways to not only encourage my kids, but encourage 6 very different personalities. I do not have time for anything complicated. So I have listed some easy things to do for any childs' personality, whether alone or in a group. My kids also spend a lot of time creating the wackiest things from the most mundane of materials (after homework is done). Simply from paper, tape and imagination, my kids make mailboxes, special paper pockets to tape to doors, wearable vests, jewelry, pretend reading glasses, you name it they create it. If I just let them entertain themselves, they will naturally come up with fun things to do. (and watching TV is not an option). Enjoy the tips and I would love any comments. The first 10 comments will receive a Free Hero Stick. 1. When your children start expressing an interest in activities support them and give their efforts praise. These activities are stepping stones to your child’s independence. 2. Encourage learning through play and imagination. Let your kids play with ordinary objects like boxes or paper towel tubes, to see what their imaginations can do. 3. It’s true, kids say the craziest things, and they also can see the craziest things! When they’re sitting quietly and staring at something like clouds or stars, this is a great thing. They are using their imagination to learn and associate themselves with their environment. 4. Kids love the outdoors. If you have plants in the yard let your kids water them and each other if they’d like. Playing with water and each other is not only fun, but healthy and good exercise while they run and play. 5. Have a craft bin filled with materials: paper, crayons, markers, and water color paints for those rainy days to stimulate creativity instead of sitting in front of the TV. 6. Encourage unstructured play for your children with other kids. Letting them get outside and away from the video games and TV stimulates imagination, resourcefulness and independence. 7. Kid’s love to collect objects. (rocks, key chains, bottle caps, etc.) This gives them a sense of having their own property. It also encourages being resourceful and responsible because they will learn in order to keep up the collection they need to either save money or keep a keen eye out for what it is they want. 8. Encourage your kids to sing the song “Happy Birthday” while they wash their hands with warm water. This is one of the best methods to ensure they are really getting their hands clean and not spreading as many germs. 9. There’s nothing better for a child than spending quality time with their parents. It really does not matter that you actually do something big.. You can just sit and talk or take a walk. For something more energetic flying kites in the spring or summer or going sledding or ice skating in the winter is great fun. 10. Remember everyone has bad days from time to time: When your child’s behavior is poor or they make a bad decision, try to remember that they are entitled to their own mistakes and bad decisions just as you were and are. Reflect your disappointment accordingly, be careful not to criticize your child personally, only the behavior they displayed or choice they made.