Hi, some of you have been along on the TruKid journey with me since 2008 while others are new here. If you are new, welcome! I am excited to have you in our tribe. I wanted to take a minute and tell you about my family's experience with childhood eczema and sensitive skin. I have six children. With each child, I had new challenges and victories. One of the toughest challenges was when multiple of my children had eczema. I ordered thousands of dollars worth of products, had countless visits to the doctors, and cried many heart broken tears. No matter what I tried, my children were still having flair ups and often persistent issues with their skin. So, I took it into my own hands to create a solution. If you are a mommy or daddy bear like me, you know there is nothing that will stop us once a mission is established.... and let me tell you, I was on a mission. Like every child, my children deserved clean products that would help them while being affordable. So, that is what I set out to do. After years of trial and error, I found a solution and my Little Ones started getting relief. I established a unique formula for eczema cream and starting see results fast. It seemed as though every step forward I would take would seen lead to more steps backwards. The frustration was unbearable some days. It hit me, the cream is working, but we are still using other products that are making it worse. So, I decided to continue expanding my line to include all skincare products. I developed sunscreens, baby products, creams, shampoos, conditioners, ointments, balms, and bubble podz. Once I started using only these products, my children's skin became so much healthier and they were no longer hurting. My favorite part, seeing my kids have fun in a safe bubble bath knowing their skin would be smooth when they were done playing. I soon started sharing my products with friends, and friends of friends. Once day I decided to create my company. TruKid was formed for other parents who were/are struggling to find relief for their children with eczema and sensitive skin. I take so much pride in this company knowing that what we offer is the best product for kids and parents. Natural. Reasonably Priced. Good for our environment. All of these principles I am proud my company represents. It is my hope that these products help your Little One along the way. 


Remember, you are not alone. Others have been in the same battle you are in. I hope that my story and products help you help your Little One.