TruKid Helping Hand Wash – Perfect Solution for Little Hands!2015-helping-hand-wash-3pk-bright-single  Spring is here!!!! Anyone who’s been around children knows that those little hands get into literally everything! Hey, that’s part of being a kid, right? Our kids explore the world through the sense of touch – whether it is picking up that cool worm out in the garden or finger painting their next masterpiece. At TruKid, we get that, and we know that it can be a constant battle to keep your kid’s hands germ-free and (at least somewhat) clean. With the school year in full swing and germs that spread like wildfire through daycare and playgroups, it is even more important to teach your child how to have proper hand hygiene. It makes a tough job tougher when the typical hand soaps on the market are filled with toxic chemicals or overpowering fragrances that can irritate children’s sensitive skin, especially if they suffer from a skin condition like eczema. That’s where the TruKid Helping Hand Wash comes in! Featuring sugar and coconut in its soothing formula, our hand wash is perfect for keeping little hands healthy and clean! The best part? It’s eczema safe and free from all of those yucky chemicals! chef The Best in Natural Ingredients All TruKid products are made with your child’s health and safety as our top priority. That’s why we only use the best ingredients from truly natural sources! With a sweet citrus scent, our foaming wash is enhanced with all natural essential oils for a kid (and skin!) friendly experience. What ingredients play a part in the Helping Hand Wash magic? Here are three of the main components that make our product stand out from the crowd.   Organic Aloe barbadensis Leaf Juice (Aloe Vera) Aloe Vera is a plant that most people have heard of, and for good reason! With its natural soothing and healing qualities, the aloe vera leaf juice in the Helping Hand Wash creates a silky texture that is gentle on small hands. The aloe plant has been used for healing for thousands of years, and in the modern world is a popular ingredient in skincare products. What makes aloe so good at treating skin problems? Within the aloe leaf is over 200 natural components, including enzymes, vitamins and minerals, and amino acids, that are ideal for repairing and healing the layers of the skin. Studies have shown that aloe can penetrate up to seven layers of skin cells making it a phenomenal detoxing, cleansing, and moisturizing agent. Sugar (Sodium laurylglucosides hydroxypropyl sulfonate) If you have purchased natural skincare products, you have likely seen “sugar” as one of the ingredients. Frequently found in face and body scrubs and other natural skincare products, sugar has numerous properties that make it the perfect choice for our Helping Hand Wash. While most people think of sugar as just an edible treat, it is so much more! The properties of sugar make it an excellent ingredient in products for sensitive skin that cannot handle drying, damaging chemicals. Its texture helps to exfoliate the layers of dry, dead cells, washing them away to reveal smooth, healthy skin!  Not only that, it is a natural humectant, so it attracts and retains moisture to the skin, great for conditioning and moisturizing, and the naturally occurring glycolic acid in sugar helps to protect the skin from environmental toxins. Coconut (Sodium cocoyl methyl taurate) Derived from the coconut fatty acid, this ingredient not only improves the skin, it helps give our Helping Hand Wash its fun, foaming action! The coconut tree has been revered in cultures around the world for its many health benefits and uses.In addition to being delicious,  coconuts have amazing immune boosting and antimicrobial properties! With its many benefits to the body, it is no surprise how fantastic coconut is for the skin. Commonly found in anti-aging creams and other natural skincare products, coconuts help give the skin a fresh, healthy glow without any of the damaging effects of harsh chemicals. Gentle and safe for all skin types, this ingredient is perfect to soothe dry little hands and make hand washing even more fun! "But I washed my hands... sort of!"   Kids play hard, and yes – they touch everything. What makes it even harder is that they often don’t want to take the time to stop and wash their hands after a messy activity, before dinner, or even after using the bathroom. As parents there are obvious reasons why this doesn’t work, and the main one is germs. According to the CDC, regular handwashing can cut down on respiratory infections by an average of 16-21%, and reduces the instances of those nasty stomach bugs by up to 31%! That’s a big deal when you have kids that you are trying to keep healthy in a germy world!  And we are now learning that more and more doctors recommend against using antibacterial soaps as they are deemed no more effective in cutting down germs, and are now suspected to actually be harmful.1 Not only do kids’ hands get into everything, they also want to do everything you do! That includes tasks like cooking. Most kids love the idea of helping their parents in the kitchen, and what better way to start the process than by having the Helping Hand Wash right at the kitchen sink? By encouraging our kids to be independent and learn new things, we are giving them lifelong skills that they can carry with them down the road. So the next time that your little one wants to help make dinner after an afternoon of playing outside, just smile and send them to the sink to use truly natural Helping Hand Wash!One little reminder helps kids learn to wash their hands well:  have them slowly sing Happy Birthday!  In order to get all the germs off their little hands, they have to wash vigorously for 15-20 seconds and singing that song makes it easy. A Natural Approach to Healthy, Happy Kids As parents we all want what is best for our kids, and the products they use on their skin are no exception. Instead of worrying about toxic chemicals and irritating fragrances, you can now help your child have healthy skin the natural way! At TruKid our mission is to create products that are not only fun for kids to use, they are good for them too! Always free of artificial fragrances and chemicals, eczema safe, and pediatrician and dermatologist approved, the TruKid Helping Hand Wash is the perfect choice to help your child learn to love washing their hands!