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TruKid Natural Kids Hair Care Products

As the experts in children's skincare, TruKid knows that truly great kids need to get truly clean, naturally! Teach your kid's how to keep their hair healthy and shiny with TruKid hair care products.

Lather up hair with TruKid Silly Shampoo - kids love the fresh citrus scent, and you’ll love that it’s free of unhealthy chemicals.  Follow with Cool Conditioner, to ease tangles and hydrate hair – it’s great for all types of hair.  And why be knotty?  TruKid Dancing Detangler eliminates battles over tangles, making hair care stress-free.

Product Features

  • Great fresh citrus scent that kids love
  • Silly Shampoo has gentle, naturally lather that cleanses hair without stripping
  • Cool Conditioner provides hydration to dry scalp or hair
  • Dancing Detangler eases tangles without greasy residue
  • TruKid hair care is free of phthalates and parabens


  • Truly natural and non-toxic
  • Eczema Safe
  • Pediatrician and Dermatologist Tested
  • Highest rated for any kid’s line by Environmental Working Group (EWG)
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Bath Care FAQ's

In case of ingestion 

The ingredients we use in our products are non-toxic and are not hazardous according to our MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), which is regulated by the FDA. However, we recommend you contact your pediatrician and/or poison control for their professional advice.  

Poison Control: 800-222-1222

Why should I choose truly natural skin care for my kids?

Most children’s products on the market contain toxic, unpronounceable ingredients that are not generally safe and healthy for our families. Children are more susceptible to these chemicals because kids’ brains and bodies are still developing. We use truly natural and organic ingredients in our products to protect and nourish kids’ bodies to help keep them healthy.  Why put chemicals on kids?

Are TruKid products "tear free"?

TruKid products are pH balanced to be gentle for the eyes.  They do not sting -- unlike other products that are actually labeled “tear free”.  These products contain an ingredient that numbs the eyes to prevent the child from feeling the stinging.  Ugh.  Chemicals to prevent the problems of other chemicals.  That’s why TruKid stays away from chemicals!

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